Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church began as a faithful band of believers in 1937.  The church was initiated by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. H.C. Cobb, who served as the first pastor.  In 1940, the church was re-structured and legally organized with articles of incorporation.  Dr. Cobb began worship services in a brush arbor and remained with the congregation for over four years.  In 1942, the church called Dr. H.V. Callins to serve as pastor. Dr. Callins served for thirty-four years.  During his tenure, more than 800 members were added to the church.  The church became a stronghold within the Rural District Association where Dr. Callins served as moderator.   

Tabernacle has continued to grow through the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit.  The church has been fortunate to have great pastors. Among them have been Reverend Stevenson Tullis, Dr. H. Burrough Vincent, Reverend F.W. Goynes, Reverend Norris Danzey, and Reverend Lloyd Dillard. Under Reverend Dillard’s leadership, Tabernacle accomplished a great deal of exploits.  Tabernacle purchased additional land, set up a computer lab, and constructed a new sanctuary.  Reverend Dillard retired in 2012, and the church called Reverend Vincent Owens in 2014.   

Under the leadership of Dr. Owens, Tabernacle purchased additional property, embarked on a debt cancellation campaign, and made minor adjustments to its present facilities.  The church continues to grow on its spiritual foundation, reaching lost souls for the Kingdom of God. Tabernacle endeavors to always be a relevant church. One of Pastor Owens’s many sayings is, “With many hands the work of the Lord is done”.   

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