Listed below is a listing of TMBC's current ministries and community initiatives.  We welcome all church and community members to join us!

SHE IS Ministries 


SHE IS Ministry is one of the newest ministries at Tabernacle. This ministry seeks to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and socio-economic needs of women and girls of Tabernacle and abroad. The ministry is led by Lady Karrion Owens and meets regularly for workshops, luncheons, paint, praise & Sip, and more. 

Sunday school


Sunday School emphasizes training in Christian discipleship and Bible knowledge. Sunday School is held each Sunday morning at 9:30 A.M.  The ministry is led by its Superintendent, Deacon Daniel Walker. 



Our Youth Ministry is on fire for the Kingdom of God.  Each week, our youth have oppportunities for enrichment and growth. 


Youth Fellowship Dinner       6:00 P.M. (Fellowship Hall)

Youth Bible Study Class        6:30 P.M. (Educational Wing)



Children's Church            11:40 AM (Follows Offering March in Sanctuary)



Tabernacle welcomes all church and community members to unite with its music ministry. There are regular opportunities to sing in the church choirs and praise team throughout the week. 

Inspirational Choir: First Sunday (Rehearsal Thursday prior to 1st Sundays- 6:30 P.M.)

Male Chorus: Second Sunday (Rehearsals Saturday prior to 2nd Sunday-10:00 A.M.)

Gospel Choir: Third Sunday (Rehearsals Thursday prior to 3rd Sunday-6:30 P.M.)

Youth Choir: Fourth Sunday (Rehearsals Wednesday @ 5:00 P.M.)

Mass Choir: Fifth Sundays (Rehearsal Thursday prior to fifth Sunday-6:30 P.M.)

Brotherhood Ministry

TMBC's Brotherhood Ministry is its official Men's Ministry. The Men's ministry aims to provide Biblical training for men in the church and community.  The ministry also seeks to provide relationship building and community mission.  The ministry is led by Deacon Bobby Johnson. 

Nursing Guild & Hospitality

The Nursing Guild & Hospitality Ministries focuses on health & wellness and guest relations.  This ministry also functions as an alzheimer's  Support Ministry, and has raised record breaking funds for the Wiregrass Alzheimer's Association. The Ministry meets each first Sunday immediately after worship service. 

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